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Founded in 1984, we got our start in a traditional ice cream parlor in Georgetown, the fashionable neighborhood west of downtown in Washington, DC. Making our ice cream in the shop and constantly creating new flavors and refining our recipes to win over new customers, we started to sell to Georgetown's finest restaurants in 1985.

By 1994, our business outgrew the small retail shop, and we moved to Maryland, where we were able to increase our capacity and serve more customers. Even though our volume doubled, we continued to make each tub of super-premium ice cream by hand in small batches.

We were named one of America's 10 best ice creams by Bon Appetit magazine, and expanded to serve fine restaurants in Baltimore, Annapolis, Fairfax, and Leesburg.

Each batch is still hand-made, and delivered fresh in our own freezer trucks, to customers from Harrisburg, PA to Woodbridge, VA.

Our Master Ice Cream Chef, Idowu Oyetubo ("ID") has been featured in the Smithsonian Magazine, hosting field trips for DC students and serving our ice cream at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History in the Ice Cream Parlor.

If you've enjoyed a dinner out in DC or Baltimore, chances are you've had our ice cream; it's served at over 240 hotels, restaurants, scoop shops, and catering services.